Outdoor Activities



Fishing in the lillooet is incredible. Fish here are big, healthy and abundant. The area is well known for its excellent Salmon fishing, Sturgeon fishing and Trout fishing.

Fishing Locations

  • Seton Lake
  • Pavillion Lake
  • Crown Lake
  • Fountain Lake
  • Carpenter Lake
  • Duffy Lake
  • Cayoosh Creek
  • Texas Creek
  • Bridge River
  • Fraser River


Tucked away within the mountains surrounding Lillooet lie some of BC's most beautiful hiking trails. Many of the trails provide access to either backcountry cabins, campsites and/or alpine lakes that have been stocked for fishing. All hikers are encouraged to hike in groups and to be prepared for possible encounters with wildlife. Highway 99 south of Lillooet is home to some of the most beautiful and easily accessible alpine hiking areas in BC.

Hiking Locations

  • Red Rock
  • Campground Trails
  • Spawning Channels
  • Fraser River Lions Trail
  • Joffre Provincial Park
  • Seton Ridge
  • Peanut Lake Trail


Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS endabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
Gold Country Geo Tourism Program:


Road biking as well as mountain biking are becoming increasingly popular around Lillooet. The rugged mountains are ideal for cross country and downhill while the scenic and quite backroads and highways are perfect for road bikers.


Many great waterways exist for canoeing in town and near by. The stunning scenery ensures that any time spent on the water is enjoyed. Canoe rentals can be found at Seton Lake during the summer as this is one of the prime canoeing locations in town.

Canoeing Locations
  • Seton Lake
  • Duffy Lake
  • Fountain Lake
  • Pavillion Lake
  • Crown Lake
  • Fraser River
  • Various Backcountry/Alpine Lakes


River Kayaking and Lake Kayaking is available. Seton Lake is 22 km long with rugged campsites along the sides, providing a great opportunity for those who enjoy lake kayaking. For those who enjoy river kayaking, there are two locations within the area that are established river kayaking areas. 

Kayaking Locations

  • Seton Lake
  • Bridge River
  • Cayoosh Creek


The turquoise waters of the lakes surrounding Lillooet are excellent places to swim and cool off during the hot summer months. 

Swimming Locations
Seton Lake
Pavillion Lake
Crown Lake


The park areas around Lillooet provide excellent opportunities for the picknicker that lies within us all!

Picnic Locations

  • Naxwit Picnic Area
  • Seton Lake
  • Downton Park
  • Murray Park


Whether you are looking for wide open dry terrain or treed mountainous areas, the ranges surrounding Lillooet have it all. There are many beautiful alpine meadows and lakes nearby that are easily accessible with the power of a dirtbike or ATV. As a result of the many great locations around town riders will often have trails to themselves. There are many deactivated logging roads in the area that offer excellent terrain for motorsports.